CARFAX is valuable tool to thousands of shop owners all over North America. In many ways it is like having another tool in the shop; it can bring in revenue and make the job a whole lot easier.

When a shop uploads a vehicles service history to CARFAX in the AutoShop program, CARFAX in turn gives you, for free, a VIN Decoder system. The VIN Decoder system works like this, type in the license plate, and click the VIN button, and CARFAX will automatically put the VIN number in for you. Saving you time from typing in the VIN and the hassle of transposing numbers or letters. (more…)

The Benefits of Backing up your Data

Backing up the data you record in your automotive repair program is one of the best practices you can have in your auto shop. There are many shops who suffer from natural disaster and theft, that never get their data back. They are forced to start from scratch, and and spend countless hours reentering data.

Another good reason to back up your data is theft. Data theft is an unfortunate reality, there are numerous shop that have gone through theft, and had entire customer lists and their history stolen from their shop, and could not recover from the loss of data.

At Winworks, we recommend having 3 separate backup flash drives, rotating them every day, keeping 1 in the computer, 1 in the office desk, and 1 off site. This is the best protection against all data mishaps. We provided a link below to purchase flash drives that would work great to back up.

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In Winworks, We have a Extensive Backup System

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Benefits of Winworks Mobile

Winworks Mobile makes it easy for the service writer to create and edit work orders and estimates. The service writer begins by scanning the VIN barcode on the vehicle. In seconds, Winworks Mobile brings up the service history and recommendations for that vehicle. Writing the work order is as easy as ever; with a couple taps on the screen bring up all your standard tasks and parts, work order writing has never been easier than it is in Winworks Mobile. You can finish the work order or estimate without even leaving the vehicle.

Winworks Mobile is an add on application for the AutoShop Program. It can be downloaded from the iTunes App Store. After a quick setup and licensing costs from Winworks; you will be all ready to use this easy to use application.


Winworks Mobile is a great addition to any auto shop. If you like to learn more about Winworks Mobile, Contact Us!

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Introduction to Marketing Machine

In Winworks AutoShop we make it easy to run the marketing for your shop. No more countless hours looking though record after record finding customers that are in need of an oil change! In the Winworks AutoShop system, it is hassle free to find a customer needing any given service, and easier than ever to contact them with one simple click of the mouse.

Welcome to the Marketing Machine. Built to save you time, the Marketing Machine will bring the customer back into your shop time and time again. Have a customer needing an oil change? Don’t just find one customer needing an oil change; find all customers needing an oil change! Send them a text message, an email, or even print postcards and mail them, to remind them a service is due. Does your shop ever run any specials? Do you have a hard time getting the word out? With Marketing Machine, it’s no problem. It uses the same functionally to quickly and easily let your customer know when your shop is running specials. With countless ways to choose what customers to contact, inform them that you are having a promotion in the shop and they need to come in and have you service their vehicle. We have only begun to scratch the surface of what Marketing Machine can do.

Marketing Machine

Marketing Machine, built to save you time, and make you money.

Winworks AutoShop Marketing Machine could be one of the tools in your shop that take you to the next level.

Winworks AutoShop puts you in the driver’s seat.

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Integration with IAP (Internet Auto Parts)

Included in our premium edition, is the integration with IAP (Internet Auto Parts). If you already have, or are considering purchasing your copy of the Winworks AutoShop Management Program, than IAP could be the one feature you don’t want to miss out on. You can order parts from participating local part suppliers, and order them directly in the AutoShop program.

There is a huge list of part suppliers from:






Bumper to Bumper

NAPA ProLink

And so much more!

IAP and the Winworks Premium Edition is a huge improvement for any repair shop. If you have any questions regarding anything about Winworks go ahead and give us a call or email. Our friendly staff would love to talk with you and help you find the right program for you and your auto repair shop.IAPinitial image

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