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The Lost 10mm Socket

Once upon a time, there was an auto mechanic named Tom. Tom was a skilled mechanic, but he had a bit of a problem: he was always losing his 10mm socket. It didn't matter how hard he tried to keep track of it, that little socket always seemed to slip away from him at...

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Bringing New Business Into Your Shop

Automotive repair shops are an essential part of our daily lives, keeping our vehicles running smoothly and safely. However, in a highly competitive industry, it can be challenging for a shop to stand out and attract new customers. In this blog post, we will discuss...

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How To Archive

Hello and welcome to this Winworks Tech Series Blog In this Post, I will show you how to archive your work orders so you can keep your databases running fast and smooth. So after you run an End of Day process, you may see this screen. That means it is time to archive....

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Helping Shop Owners Since 1993

Winworks Software was founded in 1993 to address the growing needs of service writers and shop owners throughout the country for better management software solutions for their businesses. The History of the Winworks AutoShop Management System In the early 1990s,...

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Database Maintenance

Hello everyone in this post I will show you how to do database maintenance. Running this utility will help keep your databases lean and able to run at peak performance. It only takes a few minutes to do. Here is how you do it. Step 1- Make sure you are on the main...

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Lookup Window Tips

The lookup window in Winworks Version 8 has so much customization ability. Watch the video below to learn more.

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Winworks Insight Overview

Winworks Insight is a powerful tool for any shop looking for an integrated way to add parts and labor. With Winworks Insight, you can view parts locations, parts diagrams, TSBs, and so much more. go to for more information....

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