Hello and welcome. In this post, I’m going to go over the useful functionality of the Lookup window in Winworks AutoShop

The First thing ill cover is what all the colors mean and how you can customize them. If you look on the right side right here, you can see the legend of what the colors mean. We designed this with shop owners so they can see at a glance what work order is where is the process. To change the colors go to settings and click ‘select color’. Choose the status that you want to change the color for. And then all the colors for that status will change. You can also change the fields that are in the lookup screen. you can customize all the columns to the right of status. Just go to Customize Columns, and you will see the 5 columns you can customize. There are so many different ways to customize this lookup screen. You can change the font and the sort right here as well. This lookup screen is helping shop owners stay organized and run more efficiently. Thanks for watching