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Current Version is 8.11

While so many are out-sourcing customer service to other continents, Winworks Software always has and always will provide outstanding service from our Northern California and Dallas area offices. In fact, our technicians can now do it for you and show you right on your screen. Our technical support staff can connect to your computer quickly to demonstrate a feature, install an upgrade, etc. Our toll-free tech support saves countless dollars and means support is there when you need it.


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Help is available by calling

1-800-946-9675 or Contacting Winworks Technical Support via e-mail at

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Annual Software Maintenance
– Our annual maintenance contract makes sure
you are always using the latest version of the software and the latest vehicle
databases. All new systems include 1 year of annual software maintenance.
Software updates and upgrades are included at no charge with your annual
contract. You also receive full access to Winworks Inspect Desktop allowing you to
customize your inspection sheets. Attach unlimited inspection forms to the work
order and email the completed inspections as PDFs to your customer. Previously
available as an add-on for $79 per month, this feature is now included in your
annual maintenance plan. As always, enjoy priority unlimited technical support
services from US based highly skilled technicians that will do the work for you and
get you back up and running quickly. Renewing software maintenance annually
saves money on late renewals later. Annual renewal rates start at $445.00 to
$695.00 based on the previous year’s call volume. 80% of our customers renew at
the lowest rate.
Email Based Support
– Enjoy email based support for the life of your Winworks
AutoShop software system*. Our email address is
This service is free. Typically we will respond to your request for technical support within
3 to 5 business days. Not all issues can be addressed via email. A one-time
technical support call may be necessary to resolve your issue.
Tech Call (Telephone Support for unsubscribed users) – If you don’t have annual
software maintenance, you can still obtain telephone technical support by calling
our 1-800-946-9675 (1-800-WINWORKS) number. We will provide several minutes of
free triage help with your issue and will advise you regarding the best resolution.
Sometimes it will be necessary for our technicians to connect to your computer to
resolve the issue. That service requires a $99.00 payment for the first 30 minutes
and $99 when another 30 minute segment is started. Unused time can be used on
a subsequent call within the next 30 days. A refund of tech calls paid for within the
last 30 days is available as a discount when renewing your annual software
maintenance contract. Keep in mind, that without being a subscriber to our annual
software maintenance contract, the priority of your call is lower than those having
annual software maintenance. Typically you should expect a call from a technician
within 2 business days.
Priority Call
(Next Available Technician Support )– For those who are not
subscribed to our annual software maintenance contract yet having an urgent issue,
you can elect to pay for a $129 Priority Call and get a call back from the next
available technician and includes 30 minutes of technical support. In this case,
there is no triage component but rather the technician will be prepared to dive into
your issue to achieve the fastest response possible. Further, should the call need
more than 30 minutes, a $99 fee will apply at the beginning of each 30 minute
segment needed. As with a Telephone technical call, the cost of Priority calls within
the last 30 days can be used as a discount when renewing your annual software
maintenance contract.
* Because of changing technology, some of our older software versions are
“sunsetted” and no longer supported. Currently this includes any version before 7.
To insure you always can obtain technical support, you should occasionally renew
your annual software maintenance to get the latest version and technology