Overview of AutoShop features

Winworks AutoShop Features

“Has all of the features our small 5-employee shop needs (can pay more for more features)”
Victoria Capinpin, Trackspec Autosports

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Estimating with Winworks AutoShop

Whether you’re creating a quick estimate or a complete work order, AutoShop gives you five different ways to write up the job. You can import parts and labor information directly from one of your own Standard Tasks.

Standard Tasks are canned jobs which can contain a labor estimate, any number of parts, and a detailed description of the work to be performed.

In Winworks AutoShop you can create Standard Tasks “On the Fly” saving you time and ensuring standardized pricing for the same job.
Winworks AutoShop can also import information from separately purchased 3rd party databases such as the Mitchell Parts and Estimating CD-ROM, ALLDATA for Windows estimates and Quick Quote estimates.

Estimating with Winworks AutoShop

Writing Repair Orders

Winworks AutoShop makes writing work orders a snap. AutoShop’s automatic fill-in feature fills in the customers name as you type. There’s plenty of room for repair instructions and a unique “tech only” feature to print messages on the technician’s copy that don’t print on the customer’s copy. If you don’t know the customer’s name, just use the vehicle window, enter part or all of the licence plate, and click Find. After the vehicle appears, click the Write W O button to write the work order. Easy!

Winworks AutoShop is a Task Based system and can separate up to 99 jobs on a work order. Separately proposed and calculated jobs mean better work order print-outs for your customer. They’ll understand a large bill easier if each job is broken out separately. And you’ll get valuable profit information by job so that you’ll know which jobs make money and which don’t.


Edit customer information on the fly

Winworks AutoShop works the way a windows program should. When you’re in the work order window, you can click the Customer or Vehicle button on the tool bar to edit changed information. Our customers love it!

Edit customer information on the fly
Powerful inventory management with Winworks AutoShop

Powerful inventory management with Winworks AutoShop

AutoShop’s inventory system gives you the features you need to manage stock levels, alternate part levels, and part sales and purchases. AutoShop’s unique Quick Order system automatically orders parts needed and our parts cross-referencing system enables you to swap one part for a another with a click of the mouse. There’s four pricing levels and our Quick Price system which marks up part prices based on your profit margin.

Keep Track of important lists

Whether its customers or vehicles, vendors or employees, AutoShop makes it easy to manage all of your lists. All the data in you management system including work orders and management data is stored in the Industry Standard Microsoft Access format. That means that you’ll be able to use Microsoft Office products such as Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel along with Access to view and analyze your data.

Keep Track of important lists
AutoShop makes accounting an easy task
Accounting Made Easy with AutoShop

Accounting Made Easy with AutoShop

Winworks AutoShop’s numerious accounting reports are designed to reveal important information you need to know about the operation and profitability of your shop.

  • Any or all of the management reports can be printed after your end of day processing cycle or can be re-printed anytime for any period.
  • In addition to the accounting reports shown above, Winworks AutoShop also prints several inventory and labor productivity reports useful for shop management.
  • And your accounting data can be easily exported to either Quicken or QuickBooks for a complete low-cost accounting solution. You can even export accounts receivable charges and payments and use the powerful accounts receivable functions in QuickBooks!

AutoShop also exports accounting data to Peachtree!

Winworks Help System

Winworks AutoShop includes an extensive help system built right into the fabric of the software.  It does not matter what page you are on in the program.  Just press the F1 key of your keyboard and a help system will show up and bring assistance according to the window you are in without disturbing your work.  In addition to the help system, we have a Quick Reference Guide to help you set up and configure your software properly.  Here at Winworks, we want the best customer experience possible!  Our friendly US based technical support team will work for you to make sure that happens.  Whether it is through the Help System, Quick Reference Guide, or through our technical support team, we will make sure you get the support you need and deserve.

Accessing Closed Work Orders with Winworks AutoShop

Winworks AutoShop makes accessing work orders a snap. Both the customer and vehicle windows show the applicable open and closed work orders (below). Just double-click a work order to view it. Its that simple! You can also use the lookup window to access current work orders or lookup closed work orders based on when the work order was closed or what type of work is done. Easy and convenient access to work orders set Winworks AutoShop apart from the rest!

Keep Track of important lists

Whether its customers or vehicles, vendors or employees, AutoShop makes it easy to manage all of your lists. All the data in you management system including work orders and management data is stored in the Industry Standard Microsoft Access format. That means that you’ll be able to use Microsoft Office products such as Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel along with Access to view and analyze your data.

Keep Track of important lists
show closed work orders
Track vehicle service history with Winworks AutoShop

Track vehicle service history with Winworks AutoShop

You’ll see below a list of services on the left, the date the service was performed, the odometer reading, and the date and mileage when the service is due next. If a reminder was sent, that date is shown. And you can fully customize the service listing, months and mileage intervals! You can track up to 999 different services if you want to. AutoShop automatically updates the vehicles service history and next recommended service. You can even print the service history for your customer so that they can plan their recommended services. Why would they want to take their car to anyone else when you’re keeping track of their service history?

Automated Time Keeping

If you pay your mechanics by the hour, wouldn’t you like to know how long they spent on a job? Wouldn’t it be helpful to know their average productivity? Maybe you could give bonuses to those most productive. AutoShop puts that productivity information at your fingertips with its automated time sheet system. Employees clock in at the beginning of the day and charge out their time to work order tasks. Our point and click interface means learning the system will be a snap! And you’ll benefit because you’ll know the TRUE labor profit on a job based on charged and actual hours and the shop labor rate and employees rate.

Easy Windows-Based Marketing with AutoShop

The AutoShop Marketing Machine makes it easy to send out reminders for customers needing service. But it does much more! You can select customers based on where they live, how they heard about your shop, when they were last in, what kind of car they drive, or whether they’re a new customer. With that list, you can create labels, post-cards, a diskette file, or a printed report. And the Marketing Machine uses the same tractor feed and laser labels and postcards that you can buy at your local office supply store. You told us marketing should be this easy and we listened!

Finally, an easy and fun way to better service your customers by reminding them which services should be performed to maintain safety and performance! But the Marketing Machine does so much more allowing you to also create reports and data files.

You’ll never outgrow Winworks AutoShop

Winworks AutoShop comes with an Archive Utility which makes it easy to keep your work orders database small and fast. The best part is that retrieving an archived work order is transparent. Just access it the same way as you would any other work order. AutoShop does the rest. You can even move the archive files to different media like CD-ROM, USB Flash Drives or floppies to conserve disk space.

Winworks Integrated Credit Card Processing

Winworks Integrated Credit Card Processing

360 Payments

360 Payments is better than your average day to day credit card processing company. They focus on building a relationship with their clients and supporting them with industry leading customer services. Along with this they guarantee to match or beat any other processing companies fees and will never increase their rates for as long as you are a client. In the automotive industry, we all get bombarded with solicitations from merchant services companies promising everything under the sun. 360 Payments follows through with everything they say they’re going to do and they are so confident that you will like their pricing and service that they put all Winworks clients on month to month agreements with no cancellation fees what’s so ever! We highly recommend reaching out to 360 Payments to get a review of your current processing situation!

An Integrated Partner of Winworks Software, Inc.
1stMILE is Focused on Growing Your Shop’s Revenue 

1stMILE – Accept Most Automotive Card Payments and Credit Cards All on One Payment Terminal

1stMILE is focused on growing your revenue and lifting your bottom line by reducing declined services while also seamlessly providing all the necessary financial functions to your shop. With our partnership with Winworks this is all available directly integrated into your AutoShop system.

This allows you to accept Goodyear, Bridgestone/Firestone, AutoPass, and Synchrony Private Label Cards (set up with bank required), as well as Fleet Cards, all major credit cards, and repair financing options for high ticket repairs or low/no credit financing, all within your Winworks AutoShop Software all on one payment. No set-up fees, long-term contracts, or cancellation fees.

Drag & Drop Scheduling with Winworks AutoShop

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