Profit Indicator Light

On the Work Order screen, you will notice the stoplight right there in the center of the screen. This is the Profit Indicator Light. We put this here to give you a quick look at the profitability on the work order and give you the option to look at the profitability on a task level. 

Green means “GO”, that means you are on the right track for your profit margins on the Work Order as a whole. Good Job! 

The Yellow light means, that you are doing a little too good. It means that you might be charging a bit too much for the work, which is perfect for you, but it may scare off some customers, and they might shop around and go to another auto shop to get the work done. So if the light is yellow, consider lowing the price of the job so you can get the light back in the green.

The Red light, uh oh. This means that you are potentially losing money on this job, but no need to panic. Take a deep breath; the traffic light has found the problem. Phew, all you need to do is adjust your pricing on the work order to get your margins back in the green! 

Want to know how to modify the profitability margins? Or See more detail in the traffic light keep reading below

Double clicking on the light will give you a bit more detail of the profit on the work order. It breaks it down into four groups: Labor Margin, Parts Margin, Sublet Margin, and a Combined Margin. You will see below the bars, the actual numbers of profit or loss. At the bottom of this window, you can select the “Entire Work Order, ” or you can choose a particular task on the work order.

To change your profit margin, go to Options> Preferences > Work Order Settings. Change the Low and the High-profit margin to whatever is best for you shop and what is expected for the demographic you are serving, Once this is set up, you are done, and you don’t need to touch it again.


Lookup Window

Hello and welcome. In this post, I’m going to go over the useful functionality of the Lookup window in Winworks AutoShop

The First thing ill cover is what all the colors mean and how you can customize them. If you look on the right side right here, you can see the legend of what the colors mean. We designed this with shop owners so they can see at a glance what work order is where is the process. To change the colors go to settings and click ‘select color’. Choose the status that you want to change the color for. And then all the colors for that status will change. You can also change the fields that are in the lookup screen. you can customize all the columns to the right of status. Just go to Customize Columns, and you will see the 5 columns you can customize. There are so many different ways to customize this lookup screen. You can change the font and the sort right here as well. This lookup screen is helping shop owners stay organized and run more efficiently. Thanks for watching

Winworks Service Tracking

Service tracking in AutoShop can save you time and help you bring customers back into your shop. Getting customers to come back into your shop is a key part of growing your business. Winworks Service Tracking and automatically notify you when a customer is due for a service when they are in your shop. That way you can upsell them on a service, or check up. You can also run a marketing campaign in our Marketing Machine. Send a text, email, postcard or just print mailing labels. Want to know more, read below, and watch the video at the bottom of the page.

1. Set up the Service Tracking Groups.-

Go to Lists>Service Tracking. Here you can set up different service groups. Set up your timeframe, and mileage you would like to track for that service group. So when every task with that service group is selected, it will be tracked by Winworks.  Make sure to have the correct maintenance schedule selected. This will ensure that when you run marketing campaigns they will go to the correct people and the correct vehicles. 

2. Set up the Tasks

When you are in the task window. Look on the right-hand side of the screen, and look for “Service Tracking” and when you have that selected to the correct Service Type, you will be able to automatically track the Service Selected.

Print Oil Change Stickers

You can now easily print oil change stickers for your customers, a convenient reminder when to bring their vehicle back. You’ll need a DYMO LabelPrinter 450 (or 450 Turbo) (about $60) and 1 1/8” x 3 1/2” labels (Item 30252 or 30370). Labels can be printed from the special icon (the funnel with the odometer) on the work order window and from the Oil Change Sticker button on the vehicle window.  We offer several label configurations. You can turn on this feature and select the label file to be used on the Interface Settings window, Other Interface Settings tab.  Also on that tab, you can click the icon to get a test print.  Be sure to first install the DYMO software. Month and mileage intervals can be customized for each vehicle; the defaults are 3 months and 3,000 miles.  On the vehicle window, click the Oil Change Sticker button with the RIGHT mouse button to change these values. Finally, you can fully customize the label within the DYMO software.  Just double-click one of the .label files using Windows File Explorer.  The DYMO software will launch and allow you to change the logo, change the text and even change the size of the label you want to use.  Be sure to save the changes under a new file name and then select that file in the Interface Settings window to use it.

Version 8 is Here

So Many New Updates in AutoShop Series 8- Below are Some Highlights.

What’s New In Version 8?

  • Add-On Information System
  • Bay Management
  • Oil Change Stickers
  • Parts Kits
  • CARFAX Service History
  • Notifications System
  • Enhanced Lookup Window
  • Improved Customer/Vehicle Window
  • New Payment Processors
  • And So Much More

Finally, an Information System that is both Easy to use and Affordable. Winworks Insight, a Full Time and Labor Guide that is designed to work right with Winworks AutoShop. Winworks Insight is a better way to access all the important data you need. Only $129/Month

  • Parts and Labor Estimating
  • Parts Diagrams and Locations
  • Maintenance Schedules
  • Wiring Diagrams
  • Fluids and Specifications
  • Diagnostic Trouble Codes
  • Component Locations
  • Service Proddecures TSBs, Recalls, and More

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