You can now easily print oil change stickers for your customers, a convenient reminder when to bring their vehicle back. You’ll need a DYMO LabelPrinter 450 (or 450 Turbo) (about $60) and 1 1/8” x 3 1/2” labels (Item 30252 or 30370). Labels can be printed from the special icon (the funnel with the odometer) on the work order window and from the Oil Change Sticker button on the vehicle window.  We offer several label configurations. You can turn on this feature and select the label file to be used on the Interface Settings window, Other Interface Settings tab.  Also on that tab, you can click the icon to get a test print.  Be sure to first install the DYMO software. Month and mileage intervals can be customized for each vehicle; the defaults are 3 months and 3,000 miles.  On the vehicle window, click the Oil Change Sticker button with the RIGHT mouse button to change these values. Finally, you can fully customize the label within the DYMO software.  Just double-click one of the .label files using Windows File Explorer.  The DYMO software will launch and allow you to change the logo, change the text and even change the size of the label you want to use.  Be sure to save the changes under a new file name and then select that file in the Interface Settings window to use it.