Winworks Pay

Keep Your Software and Payments Together and Integrated Like Never Before.

Winworks Pay is our fully integrated in-house credit card processing solution built directly into Winworks Autoshop and tailored for your business.

Some of the many benefits of Winworks Pay include:

    • Low credit card processing costs. Upload your current merchant statements today and we guarantee we will meet your existing rate.
    • Seamless integration with Winworks Autoshop creates a frictionless payment experience for customers with digital signatures and online payment options .
    • Single source of contact for software and payments support.
    • Enhanced security and fraud protection via tokenization for your business and your customers’ protection.
    • PCI Tools and Breach Protection.
    • Accelerated funding – deposited in your bank account next business day.
    • Automatic card updates for expiring/changed cards.
    • Offset processing costs with built-in Program Fee.
    • Need additional cash for equipment or expansion? Cash Advance is available, based on credit card processing volumes and re-paid overtime from your credit card transactions.
    • (Coming Soon) Text-to-Pay allows customers to pay from anywhere.

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