Frequently Asked Questions

If you have a question about our products or company, try searching our FAQ below. If you don’t see what you’re looking for on the front page, use the search input. Still not finding any answers? Feel free to drop us an email at or simply use our contact form on our “Contact Us” Page.

General FAQs


1 – Is it expensive?

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Winworks AutoShop is a mid-priced software system offering many of the same features and even more capabilities than systems costing $10,000 and more. You could pay more and get less with other systems. Winworks is a one time purchase software, unlike our competitors who are subscription base, you own the licensing for Winworks AutoShop. You own your own data, and Winworks is completely resellable, just like another tool in your shop

2 – Is their a fully working demo available?

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Yes, and there is no better way to determine how Winworks AutoShop will enhance your business than to actually test drive the software for yourself. Click Here To get a DEMO for yourself, or call us to get it now- 1-800-946-9675.

3 – Can you convert my customer list?

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We are able to convert about 95% of customer and vehicle lists from older programs. We can say for sure once we evaluate your data. Evaluation is free.

4 – Do you have references?

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Yes, with over 4,000 copies sold, we are likely to have several users in your local area that you can talk to.

5 – What kind of technical support is available?

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You can watch some support videos here. If you would like to request a video to be added, let us know.
All Winworks AutoShop editions come with a full year of unlimited toll-free support. Support is provided by our US based highly trained technicians who are able to remotely connect to your computer to resolve an issue or to train you on new features.

6 – Do you have Updates?

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We have had over 50 updates to our software since its introduction in February of 1995. The new features added, come from shop owners and service writers like you. So, it’s no wonder that our system has such a natural and intuitive feel for so many shops!

Technical FAQs


1 – When running files from a local server you receive “Do you want to run this file?” or “The publisher could not be verified. Are you sure you want to run this software?”. These prompts can be disabled via the Internet Explorer security settings.

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Follow the steps, in either of the two links provided below, to disable these prompts.

Click here for option 1
Click here for option 2

There should be enough information between these two resources, to adequately disable these prompts.

2 – How do I configure e-mail?

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3 – Hardware Key questions. What if my Computer does not have a LPT Port? Can I exchange my Parallel Port Hardware Key for a newer key?

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Winworks is now offering a MicroKey for Registration of Winworks Software products. There is a nominal cost for the exchange, please contact Winworks Software at 1-800-946-9675 if you need more information or are interested in exchanging your hardware key.

MicroKey Instructions
USB Device Removal Instructions

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