The Benefits of Backing up your Data

Jul 24, 2014 | Winworks AutoShop

Backing up the data you record in your automotive repair program is one of the best practices you can have in your auto shop. There are many shops who suffer from natural disaster and theft, that never get their data back. They are forced to start from scratch, and and spend countless hours reentering data.

Another good reason to back up your data is theft. Data theft is an unfortunate reality, there are numerous shop that have gone through theft, and had entire customer lists and their history stolen from their shop, and could not recover from the loss of data.

At Winworks, we recommend having 3 separate backup flash drives, rotating them every day, keeping 1 in the computer, 1 in the office desk, and 1 off site. This is the best protection against all data mishaps. We provided a link below to purchase flash drives that would work great to back up.

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In Winworks, We have a Extensive Backup System

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