Aug 1, 2014Winworks AutoShop

CARFAX is valuable tool to thousands of shop owners all over North America. In many ways it is like having another tool in the shop; it can bring in revenue and make the job a whole lot easier.

When a shop uploads a vehicles service history to CARFAX in the AutoShop program, CARFAX in turn gives you, for free, a VIN Decoder system. The VIN Decoder system works like this, type in the license plate, and click the VIN button, and CARFAX will automatically put the VIN number in for you. Saving you time from typing in the VIN and the hassle of transposing numbers or letters.

Another beneficial reason why CARFAX uploading is a valuable tool is the upload itself. When CARFAX gets the upload from your shop, it has the basic vehicle information and the repair that was done to it. In addition to that, it has the shop name at which the service or maintenance was completed at. When a customer sells their vehicle and the new owner has the CARFAX History Report, they will see the shop all the service was completed at and would want to take that car back to your shop, because they know that shop is familiar with the vehicle they just purchased.


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