Apr 29, 2015Winworks AutoShop


Here at Winworks, we are happy to be close partners with CARFAX. With our partnership with CARFAX, Winworks users get the ability to use CARFAX’s QuickVin System. Just type in the license plate and the state, and CARFAX will automatically enter the VIN in for you. No more mistyping in the VIN. In exchange Winworks users provide CARFAX with vehicle information. No personal information is ever uploaded to CARFAX.

Now CARFAX has a new program, the “My CARFAX Service Shop”. This program helps you bring customers back into your shop. Just sign up at mycarfaxserviceshop.com. When customers download the “My CarFax” app for their smart phone, they can view service history and when their next service is due. It will even give them a notification when they need to come back in for an oil change, tire rotation etc. The “My CARFAX Service Shop” is a great program for any auto repair shop. Winworks is happy to be a CARFAX Partner.