Mar 23, 2017Winworks AutoShop

The Battery Fee will be set up as a surcharge and coded to accounting code 2-MISC OR a classification not currently being used. This will allow the fee to be tracked on the Full Details Report in the MISC 2 column. You will need to verify that any surcharges already configured are NOT coded to 2-MISC. If any other surcharges are coded to 2-MISC, change to another classification.

Steps to set up a surcharge for the Battery Fee

  • • Click on LISTS at the top of the AutoShop screen
  • • Select Standard Surcharge
  • • Click the ADD button
  • • Type in surcharge name of Battery Fee
  • • Enter Fixed Dollar Amount of $1.00
  • • Change the Accounting Classification drop-down option to 2-MISC OR a classification not currently being used
  • • Click OK to save
  • Run the accounting report “Miscellaneous Sales Report” to get the accounting information for tax purposes.