Winworks Mobile for Android

Winworks Mobile for Android operates in the same fashion as Winworks Mobile for iOS. However since, there are many more Android devices than there are iOS devices, we are compiling a list of recommended devices. Keep in mind this is an initial list, and we will add to this list as we become aware of devices that function properly with Winworks Mobile for Android. One of the biggest features that is needed on the Android device is an “Auto-Focus” Camera. That will allow you to scan the VIN bar-code of the vehicle.

Android devices without an “Auto-Focus” camera are not recommended.


Here is the list of recommended devices. If you are using a device that is not listed here, and it is working properly, let us know.


LG G3- Best Auto Focus

Samsung Galaxy S4 or S5

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 or 4

Google Nexus 6 phone

Motorola Droid Turbo




Samsung Galaxy Note Pro 8.0 or 10.1

Sony Xperia Z2 Tablet

Benefits of Winworks Mobile

Winworks Mobile makes it easy for the service writer to create and edit work orders and estimates. The service writer begins by scanning the VIN barcode on the vehicle. In seconds, Winworks Mobile brings up the service history and recommendations for that vehicle. Writing the work order is as easy as ever; with a couple taps on the screen bring up all your standard tasks and parts, work order writing has never been easier than it is in Winworks Mobile. You can finish the work order or estimate without even leaving the vehicle.

Winworks Mobile is an add on application for the AutoShop Program. It can be downloaded from the iTunes App Store. After a quick setup and licensing costs from Winworks; you will be all ready to use this easy to use application.


Winworks Mobile is a great addition to any auto shop. If you like to learn more about Winworks Mobile, Contact Us!

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