Jul 12, 2016Winworks Mobile

Now in Winworks Mobile, you have the ability to take pictures or video of the vehicle, right from your mobile device.  When you have a vehicle up on your mobile device, just tap where it says “Files”  and then tap the Camera icon in the top right. Then when you upload the work order, the pictures or video you took will be in the vehicle file inside the AutoShop program. This is a great tool for showing the customer what is wrong with the vehicle right from the tablet or even on the computer inside the shop. This can also be useful for liability reasons, if you see damage upon the vehicle’s arrival, you can snap a picture with the time stamp and prove you didn’t cause the damage. We hope this adds to the functionally to the Winworks Mobile platform for our users. Watch the video below to see how it is done. Leave a comment below to tell us how this could benefit your shop.