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Winworks AutoShop is a One Time License Purchase, not a subscription plan or online service where you pay forever and you don’t own anything!  AutoShop can be paid up front  OR  up to 12 monthly payments.  AutoShop includes a full year of Toll Free Technical Support with updates with your purchase. We also have pricing for networks.  We can network up to 99 users with AutoShop through Peer to Peer or Client / Server network scenarios.

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 Winworks Mobile- An Native iOS application add-on for the Winworks AutoShop System.

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AutoShop GS

If you are looking for a shop management system that does not have all the bells and whistles but has great functionality and user friendliness, GS Edition is the one for you.  AutoShop GS Edition gives you the base AutoShop system.  You can then choose what you want to add to the system as individual modules.  When your business grows, you can upgrade to Professional Edition.  All you would pay is the difference in the price from GS to Pro.Click Here for more details on AutoShop GS


AutoShop Pro

If you want the full Shop Management System experience, AutoShop Professional Edition is the system for you.  It gives you all the features we have to offer including writing Estimates, Work Orders and Counter Sales. It also includes Marketing, Accounts Receivable, Inventory Control, Time Keeping, Scheduling, Printed and Viewable Reports as well as all the integration capabilities that you would expect in a full shop management system.Click Here for more details on AutoShop Pro


AutoShop Premium

The Winworks AutoShop Premium Edition is our top of the line system that provides you with all the features of the Winworks AutoShop Professional Edition along with premium features, such as interfaces with Internet Auto Parts, which gives you the ability to interface with:

  • O’Reilly, 
  • Bumper to Bumper / Auto Value, 
  • AutoZone, 
  • Carquest, and so on.

We also interface with your local NAPA stores and Epicor (Activant) as well.  This system is for those that want to have it all right at their fingertips.

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