Writing Work Orders in Winworks is Fast and Simple

Winworks AutoShop makes writing work orders a snap. AutoShop’s automatic fill-in feature fills in the customers name as you type. There’s plenty of room for repair instructions and a unique “tech only” feature to print messages on the technician’s copy that don’t print on the customer’s copy. If you don’t know the customer’s name, just use the vehicle window, enter part or all of the licence plate, and click Find. After the vehicle appears, click the Write W O button to write the work order. Easy!

Winworks AutoShop is a Task Based system and can separate up to 99 jobs on a work order. Separately proposed and calculated jobs mean better work order print-outs for your customer. They’ll understand a large bill easier if each job is broken out separately. And you’ll get valuable profit information by job so that you’ll know which jobs make money and which don’t.