How To Archive

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In this Post, I will show you how to archive your work orders so you can keep your databases running fast and smooth.

So after you run an End of Day process, you may see this screen. That means it is time to archive. No need to panic. This is an easy process.







Step 1- Is to get onto the main computer or the server.

Step 2- Make sure everyone is closed out of Winworks AutoShop.

Step 3- Run a backup. Go to Options then Backup Files. Make sure you have the right drive letter selected and hit ‘Backup Now’ and wait for the backup to complete. It is important that no one interrupts this process by logging into Winworks.

Step 4- Once the backup is done close out of AutoShop and open Winworks Applications.

Step 5- Open the Archive Utility and log in with admin credentials

Step 6- Click ‘Create New Archive File’

Step 7- Now the utility will run and if you look right here you will see how many total work orders need to be archived. The larger the number the longer it will take to archive. So plan your archive accordingly, as you cannot stop the archive once it is started. If you only want to archive 300 Work Orders click no. But if you want to archive all the available work orders click ‘Yes’

Step 8- Click Begin Archive Creation, then wait for the archive to complete.


You can also watch the video on how to do this here-

Helping Shop Owners Since 1993

Winworks Software was founded in 1993 to address the growing needs of service writers and shop owners throughout the country for better management software solutions for their businesses.

The History of the Winworks AutoShop Management System
In the early 1990s, software for automotive repair professionals did little more than write work orders and provide some basic reporting using a DOS interface. Winworks engineers worked closely with local shop owners to re-design the work order writing experience from the ground up. Special care was taken to the flow of work for the service adviser and the growing need for comprehensive management information for owners. The result was the Winworks AutoShop Management System introduced in February 1995 to an overwhelming response. Since that time, we have continued the process of carefully listening to our customers, continuously improving the software to increase the efficiency of service writing while also providing valuable insight into business information. Providing the key information in innovative ways has allowed our customers to increase not only efficiency but profitability. We have also introduced multiple work order formats and a custom format option to allow service advisers to communicate the work done and the pricing in an effective and streamlined way. Our engineers are continually addressing new technologies and improving the Winworks AutoShop system with new parts catalogs, online ordering and text messaging to name a few.

The Philosophy of Winworks
It is our customers that measure the quality of our software and our technical support services. Our loyal following is a testimony of our determination to serve each customer providing them the best experience possible with our software. Our technical support has earned high ratings because we will take the time to remotely connect and solve your issue in the most efficient way possible while keeping our technical support rates among the lowest in the industry.

Database Maintenance

Hello everyone in this post I will show you how to do database maintenance. Running this utility will help keep your databases lean and able to run at peak performance. It only takes a few minutes to do. Here is how you do it.

Step 1- Make sure you are on the main computer. and that you have done a backup- If you want to learn to do a backup, click the link in the description below.

Step 2- Make sure all users are out of Winworks AutoShop. And Clock on Winworks Applications.

Step 3- Click Database maintenance

Step 4- Now there are 4 main databases in Winworks, 5 if you are a premium user. AutoShop, ShopData, MgmtData, W_Orders. So now click AutoShop, and then click ‘Repair and compact’ Click ‘Ok’ Through the next prompts. Go through all the databases. Once you are done with the 4 or 5 databases. You are done with database maintenance. This should not have to be done all that often. Occasionally, it may be needed.