In this video, you will see how to process a refund through 360 Payments. If you would like to know more about the 100% integration we have with 360 Payments, you can go to

“360 Payments has a tremendous track record of helping entrepreneurs streamline their payment processing systems and giving them the resources they need to grow and succeed,” said Kevin Folsom, Winworks’ CEO. “We are partnering with Winworks to join the epicenter of technology and innovation and to continue to create more opportunities to support entrepreneurs and businesses in the auto industry,” explains 360 Payments co-CEO Steve Ciabattoni.



360 Payments has partnered with Winworks to carry out a broader entrepreneur initiative throughout the United States. “We could not be more pleased to be a part of the Winworks network,” explains Steve Ciabattoni. “We were seeking a partner who we felt was a leader in innovation and who has A-quality connections, and Winworks topped the list.” The partnership will include a guarantee from 360 to meet or beat a dealership’s current pricing, a free credit card processing machine (a $300 value), and an integrated payments system that reduces mistakes and speeds up the checkout process. Small to mid-sized auto repair business across the country will benefit from increased efficiency and significant cost savings. 360’s simple API allows Winworks to offer seamless integration into its shop management software while ensuring security and PCI compliance. 360’s vision is that every auto shop in the Winworks family has the knowledge, the requisite support, and the resources to realize their full sales potential.
“We are thrilled to welcome 360 Payments to our team,” said Kevin Folsom. “Through this collaboration, 360 Payments and Winworks are at the forefront of innovation development and the continued expansion of a more streamlined point of sale experience across the auto industry. This partnership makes sense on a lot of levels.”