Winworks AutoShop, Winworks Mobile, and Winworks Inspect Videos

 Below are videos on the Winworks AutoShop Program, Winworks Mobile, and Winworks Inspect.

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Winworks Tutorials:



Winworks Training- Profit Stoplight:

Winworks Tutorials- Scheduler 


Winworks Training- Customer Types:

Winworks Inspect- Editing Inspection Numbering:

 Winworks Tutorials- Service Tracking:

Winworks Training- Editing a Statement:

Winworks Quick Tips- Using the Tab Key:

Winworks Tutorials- Writing a Counter Sale:


Winworks Training- Change Work Order Styles:

Winworks Training- Adding Vendors:

Winworks Quick Tips- Similiar Parts:


Winworks Mobile- Adding Pictures and Video:

Winworks Inspect- Looking up an Inspection:

Winworks Inspect- Mobile Overview:

Winworks Inspect Mobile- Do inspections right from your phone or tablet.

Winworks Inspect- Desktop Overview:

Full Color Inspection forms, built right into Winworks AutoShop

Winworks Inspect- Linking to a Standard Task:

Winworks Inspect makes it easy to edit digital inspections. Link an inspection item to a standard task and create reccommendations and create standard tasks.

NAPA Interface:

In Winworks AutoShop you can order parts right from your local NAPA store, and apply them to your Work Order! The NAPA interface is included in our Premium Edition, To learn More- CLICK HERE


Add Labor Times From Labor Guides:




Moving Parts From One Task to Another:


Custom Tool bar Icons:

Discounting Work Orders:

Marketing Machine:

The Marketing Machine is a valuable tool for any shop owner who is looking for a fast and simple way to look at customer data. You can use the data to export to an external marketing agency, or you can use all the data yourself. Print postcards, mailing labels, text message, or send emails. Marketing Machine can take your automotive repair shop to the next level.


Writing a Work Order:

Writing a work order or repair order is easy in the Winworks AutoShop program. In just a few east steps, you have the order all done. With Features like “Auto Text” and Spell Check, you can make sure your shop runs smoothly and effectively.

Adding Parts to Inventory:




Change Customer and/or Vehicle on a Work Order:

It is easy to change the customer and/or vehicle on an open Work Order or Estimate.



Look up Screen Tips:

Watch this video for fast tip in the lookup screen to speed up invoicing and printing.


Accounts Receivable System Overview:



Quick Tips:

Transferring Vehicles to a Different Customer:


Backup System:

Making regular backups is very important in the shop environment. Protect your data, and all your hard work and backup your data daily.


Look Up Screen Sorting:

If you have a lot of open work order in your look up screen, it is easier than ever to find the right work order with the look up screen sorting feature. This simple feature can help you save so much time looking for the right open work order.


Making an Appointment into a Work Order:

Making an appointment into a Work Order, has never been more easy. just drag and drop.


Winworks Help System:

In Winworks AutoShop a a fully functional help system with interactive screen shots. No matter what screen you are on, just hit the “F1” key on your keyboard and it will bring up the help system for the page you are on your Shop Management Program. From there just click on the part of the screen you have questions about, and the help system takes care of the rest.


Estimate to a Work Order:

When you start with an estimate you can transform it into a work order with only a few clicks. It is very easy to do in Winworks Auto Shop.


Auto Text:

Auto Text in Winworks AutoShop can help you save time in your Work Order Writing.



Winworks Mobile:

Adding Pictures and Video:

Adding a Customer Manually:


Writing a Work Order from a Standard Task:


Writing a Work Order From a License Plate:


Adding a New Customer from the Carfax VIN Decoder:


Winworks Mobile Intro Video: