Database Repair and Compact:

Database repair and compact is important if you are having issues with a slow database, or getting “invalid use of null” error messages, the Database Repair Utility should be able to fix the issues.

Transferring a Vehicle to a Different Customer:

Archive Utility:

The Archive Utility moves old work orders or invoices to a archive file. They are still accessible, but they are moved to a different file, thus speeding up your AutoShop system.



Accounts Receivable System Overview:

A brief overview of the accounts receivable system.


Help System:

In Winworks AutoShop a a fully functional help system with interactive screen shots. No matter what screen you are on, just hit the “F1” key on your keyboard and it will bring up the help system for the page you are on your Shop Management Program. From there just click on the part of the screen you have questions about, and the help system takes care of the rest.