EMV Chips-X-Charge (OpenEdge) Credit Card Processing

As many of you are aware, the EMV chips in credit cards are becoming more popular. If your credit car swiper does not have a place for the EMV chip card, you will need to contact X-Charge (OpenEdge), to place an order for your new credit card reader.  Your current reader will still accept the EMV chip cards. But according to OpenEdge, you will be liable for fraudulent use of cards.

For more informations on the EMV October 1st Date go to- https://www.openedgepayment.com/en/emv-resources/emv-faq


2 responses to “EMV Chips-X-Charge (OpenEdge) Credit Card Processing”

  1. Jay says:

    Is Winworks AutoShop Professional Edition ready for EMV? Your website says to call Open Edge them and when I did they tell me Open Edge has conflicting information on their side. I have a dead magnetic reader and I’d like to take this opportunity to upgrade but need Winworks promise it will work with my current version 7.18.1

    I do not believe I will be able to return the card reader once it’s programmed.